LED Spot Wash

  • 140W spot+wash led moving head
140W spot+wash led moving head

140W spot+wash led moving head

  • Product description: 100W White Led spot+4*10W RGBW Led wash moving head
Product description: 140W spot+wash led moving head
Input power:AC100-240V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:170w
Power connection:10A
Connection:3pin-XLR male/female
Extremely Long Life:50,000 Hr and low power consumption
Light Source spot:100W White LED
Light Source wash: 4x 10W RGBW LED
Focus: Motorized focus
Zoom angle: 18 degree
Prism: 3-face
DMX channel:12/16/23 channels
Gobo1: 7+1
Gobo2: 8+1
Gobo functions: Gobo-Flow effect, Gobo shake
Rotation: Bi-directional
Colors: 7 +1
Color functions: Rainbow-flow effect
Movement:Pan/Tilt:X axis 540°, Y axis 190°
High speed of pan/tilt movement, speed of pan/tilt movement is adjustable
Control mode:DMX512/Master-Slave/Auto run/sound
Display: OLED display
8 internal program , sound mode can control by DXM 512
N.W: 7.3 KG
G.W: 8.4 KG
Packing size : 60*37.5*34cm

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