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Gaoyi  Lighting Limited  is a manufacturer of professional stage lights in China.

The concept for Gaoyi Lighting Limited was established by a talented and creative group of LED Light Engineers.Because of the love and passion for lighting. They started their career of lighting in 2006.They firmly believe that only by focusing can we be professional.

Nowadays Gaoyi lighting Limited has been highly recognized and recommended by hundreds of both domestic and worldwide customers covering OEM/ODM or branding field. Quality is always the most important insurance in Gaoyi lighting Limited project's continual and progress improvement.


Customer first .Quality is the first 
Perfect quality management system, to create professional products 
Technical support 
To provide professional, personalized and comprehensive technical support, including technical consulting, project design, project implementation, etc. 
Perfect service 
Adhering to your satisfaction, Gaoyi Stage Lighting pursuing spirit of service, to provide timely, fast and professional after-sales services.

Our company is a group of well-known enterprises agent.

Our company since its inception has been committed to this export area, and established its own factories and technical engineering team. All of our products can be through our customers within the strict quality inspection, so that our customers can easily choose the right products, excellent quality.

Our company has a strong technical team, production capacity, well-known purchasing power and close relationship with the manufacturer, to provide excellent quality of the full range of products for customers to bring productivity


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Contact: Bonnie chen

Phone: 0086-13710107513

Tel: 0086-13710107513

Add: F4, Building B, No.30, Dagang East Street,Shijing Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Guangdong Province, China.

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